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tv   RT News  PBS  December 3, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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ruling will. they are the discussion of the ukrainian prime minister stands to reason with the comment real position on the grounds and book shelf of the cabinets resignation the divisions in ukraine become more visible with people and the peacemaking is key at that not as eager to move closer to the evening the cars on the streets of kiev. also this hour. so
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the british nice right about that expose the low points of a mensa scolding what's her hearing officer x rays and he's failed to stop the paper is exposing. guilty as charged eighty thousand with a rush as both times the rate will spend the next six days behind us amounts to ninety were told that at times. on the company's direct. while some nice a struggle under the bottom of stairs he wouldn't but how the sun's decision to thinking of people that's cost paid off the easily from the sky here will change into knots with me. welcome to our wet. rinse them and has voted against the shame and the confidence much negates the countries
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continents in an emotional match in succession colin in the midst of widespread practice again the government the prime minister and opposition he did not face to face all these green advantage of these empty it the clouds to form a new print run has started off a sense that with the brawl will be assigned there were no clothes on the grounds which are actually going for it. it was merely the app purple skirt makes sense that when i went to fridays as i've seen this leads to speak you could hardly hear him up from the behind of it all the yelling and screaming out of calling for resignation of us that the government's coming from the project gets it right mr has tried to appeal to the protesters and to the opposition politics students each day the cabinet ministers and capsicum few reckless irresponsible people the ministry of finance is in this bill the ministry
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responsible for paying wages to all of ukraine. stop and think she just gotten off the emergency services. they ruled the ban on the continued functioning this gum. this is also added that stated the government has less to clean itself are not thinking about swing off the course towards a getting closer towards the european union and he's also called on the protesters were still out on the streets in huge numbers to let it settle and to abstain from violence but said his words rednecks out with their discontent from the opposition was to a system call it that readers dollars worth of work the boy's death by one of those province ukrainian politicians as well as a complete media persons be tiny creature caught. i entered the sentiments expressed by the opposition leaders are actually supported by those who are out in the streets we have tens of thousands of people pouring it onto the central independence square throughout the day. that's the problem with the ukrainian situation at this point is that's what we've been hearing and seeing largely is the reaction of people into your aura. well
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for fbi integration or close associates in october the european union however this is not the case in the entire country. and this is my record is about the european union flags burning pashtuns giddy teenagers and the world. read the motion passed around like a football. this is kiev. but what about other parts of ukraine where people have a different opinion about what's good for the country and what isn't. how many revolutions to be had in ukraine seven. and what did that bring us life. together the old people and students and use them. so unpleasant i don't even want to talk about it. right now the opposition is trying to sell the drive for eu integration as the toys that all that recent polls show that there's any clues as to the pro european west of the country and the east and salads which are historically much more pro russian. if people want to live like they
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do in europe we must work like they do in europe. they should not teach school or work for the sake of being out on the street the painting is me in the eu we must meet certain criteria and at the moment we're simply not up to par to european standards in the way we produce things the so far ukrainian leadership is still no sign of keeping in twenty oh six the president the parliament and the cabinet remained firmly in place. so perhaps the forecasts of impending doom could be premature. it was cool artsy you. as irina mention the demise of demonstrators in kiev. i'm not exactly sure but people in the midst of the country thousands have taken to the streets that to fully support for the oss or seas and the decision to suspend the tree deal with the eu. a recent poll showed the country sharply divided on the shape of a seventy percent of those living in the west of ukraine. the deal with the european union
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compared to less than a fifty percent in the east and then never discussed this with his cars on disney train bombings. given these pro western. after this snp will stand historically the majority of ukrainians is progress in the news that of the pro russian came to dance or at least a caveat was that they were for us and wanted access to in ukraine the only exception was the sole fault tolerant of august and went for a west end. gemma status in fact want the government buildings and dove to control all the electoral commission the probe was underrated goals are much more active they travel to kiev had every occasion. that being lost in that they have some financial support from some stages circles. so in need. i think that that there will be able to fill that role was to the top of the country the government and opposition agree on is that the bonds were cats weren't in the britney instigate it
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all back in sch for being the opera and fun and foreign affairs analyst and listed the fed said that if katich believes the filly has had nothing to gain from such tactics it is obvious that the government has nothing to gain by escalate the violence the government must keep hoping that people get too tied up. the only people who have vested interest in preventing violence of the contestants themselves fortune cookies. more precisely those who are becoming the golden knights that's the new focus because it would work wonders the western media. in the heat and pay you to prove each segment of the opinion population to have them on his own. the simple peaceful purpose for being so the beat and savagely by the police the violence instigate these perhaps by dipping the elements of the professors but certainly not by the government because
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they have nothing to do several competitions including the former prime minister and the vice president of the european parliament when to kyiv to support two percent since token from the institute of democracy and cooperation price says this mare and the events of the orange revolution the rumors of the two. up to be taken with some seriousness. but i would be surprise if the events of two thousand and four the ore into pollution could you repeat it. i think it'll be difficult for the pro western forces in ukraine to pull off the same trick twice. it sucks to be disgraceful european politicians to travel this way. as they did ten years together. when the members of the european parliament on the bus. people from the he used to be difficult to conclude its representatives played a very important role in this disrupting the financial crisis the back of the time
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of your institution. it's very important to emphasize the role of schools specifically to this crisis with ukraine. it has always regarded ukraine is that i don't eat as i would say to you imperialist designs on ukraine wants ukraine to come in to get something into the european open that may lead to its orbit to the snelling compatibility between the two disc is a professed your skepticism and his deep desire to effect these radical to political change. that when love calls me bring you more updates from ukraine and expert opinion on the situation from today. so can always keep an eye on developments final the home to auntie up on what you will also find the most striking b c is an offence is from the contests. so bridges gone ginny stay for the grill today by a special committee sat with a punishing of
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stories exposing the scale of global survey to which britain is no small part of the government says the paper is encouraging tyres at the same accusation is just an attempt to intimidate me stop and investigate it can instead be cool spring says it's to see could lead to suspicion the question the duties they are informing the. all criminal activity planner and intelligence said tuesday chp particularly because of the newspapers and the people haven't been doing it over the last few years. this is absolute rubbish on the friday that when in front of the intelligence and security committee the pulses of them i've fallen in one six e g stage two but giving their evidence. we help with that we were all skin and full evidence that the neocon a threat to national security to know what i said um we can tell you in secret. this is no real evidence. i don't have any evidence might be cool town. acting criminally and we thought not a proper oversight whatsoever of our
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intelligence into drawing and now it's having to service these even though they complete the final say on iraq than otherwise. however a sitting panel a fair bit but it's off to the cold war the building at its outset to be ridiculous to see the yet that the parliamentarians going to continue the messenger shooting the messenger if opportunity to dine in openness to say how much pressure the guardian has faced. add these last months the paper began publishing revelations of cement is that samak said melton police came knocking on the door to monday to pay a timetable for the information in kind. that didn't like so the paper was threatened with legal action or proceeding by figgins class today a calmer in the paper pieced to deal with an old is the part of the nineteen columnist was detained and that eleanor was allegedly preparing more incriminating de sac in a setback month the paper was forced to destroy hundreds containing sensitive dates at all the facts he failed to
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stop more revelations and zach here we get and how we can corn and sailed the guardian to guide before and peace. and coming and the somber tones as sweet cheeks with china faces a great warmup sets david cameron. this is the setting screens and the ever infamous place and trade links between the uk and china. many of the race is turning into what many nice shops and restaurants. grayson found in london's chinatown. making them feel very welcome. and also for the break while trying to deflect stumbles accusations that its many pnac afghanistan into signing a deal to let this trip stay at the time security is as bizarre the eye. it's me
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again. when an awful lot. we all sang night at the traffic light thingy. it really helped me to do with them what can be. you know. today however research . don't
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seemed nonchalant for most kids get happy with it. andy dunne said the pollution on and two other defendants have been found guilty of the brutal honesty that time on the russian companies to direct that the court hunting down prison sentences for all three aunties knitting content reports now from most kinds of things. a four hour a sentence freezing dropping cards and down in the monthlong trial and it has lasting boston theater eating salad with the hind parts of five of the chamber has been given six years in prison and save his fellow defendants for content here supporting me not to judge has also given me a line to start the film and set last week that makes you think that the three point five million in compensation. now
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this is as far as to its east and the precious also the fear that the boss here we don't then freeze it. this month. some of the light has been seeking out a theater like this and felt another hiking backpacks out this episode in the us this week at st flats have of that the final piece as dark as anything to read the post the least famous speech an acid attack that expose to the world the precious top theater in reality is a baffled look where the struggle for glory as five when the curtain is full the us on to the theater's artistic director cindy fail and that almost made him blind shocked the world leaving the question who was the mastermind behind it sinking feeling was returning home after an evening at the theater world gallon to this apartment down ten am and concealing his identity with this golf course our family is mean and why. after that through some liquid in his face. they knew was a greeting for him. every
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leader according hearings them and describe the pain as unbearable and terrifying. he was the last suffering in antony and the snow right outside this building was late at nights and it took him some time to get help and more than twenty operations before he showed his face in again. i'm just on to the chalet officials and investigators to the tsr had come from inside the dolly community. ten months later came the arrest of feeding so in spite of the beach and go off and in his country at the onstage villain played everything from fine rock bar in swan lake to you by the terrible he was accused of planning the attack. n korea beat the team had made a key deadline to rough up and then lets that he did not intend for asset to be thrown into his face. i organized the state crime but not on the skillet and now ensuring that its rulers and
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insinuations and financed the dark underbelly of the bustling place and the spotlight it will take awhile to restore the luster of this famous institution. i do wish the rt moscow. a week when hurricane donna major online for updates on what's written on the go between boulders and thought and deed as i slid the criminals steal millions of dollars while the callings from an aquatics marketplace. was it ok. apple has said majority of americans alone products containing genetically modified ingredients to the maplewood but the government isn't listening. the fun the smiles on a story told from david cameron is doing his best to india china is investing more into britain's economy
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the prime minister is resorting to pay his coach mom in beijing and the head of the uk is not just penetrate the negation. some in europe and elsewhere. see the world changing want to show china role behind the bamboo curtain of trade pacts. he wants to tap the trade barriers. britain is the ideal option for an opening in china. the only one of the holistic some chinese people always living in britain until the country's left incomplete i've been on the correspondence wonka are reports now on what many don't feel welcome to country positioning itself as alose ally homepage. according to the label is a station here in london's chinatown immigration officials would visit each series him once or twice a week but it wasn't for the frames. that is just one of the restaurants and great saves by the uk border agency. this election. it's
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after the rush to enjoy new venue with a friend or family saloon before the office parking lot i can rest in the know what's going on and on the one kind of style when asked if he was accosted us and they don't know what's happening. in or near the tipping cushioned by the scholars who may know i can buy them so the uk border agency in states that any immigration sexy carries out looking for a needle black kids were always intended since that's the difference is obvious the mystery say they need the procedure is one fine day during the raids in fact some of the intended result in any address more than that. but the frequency of heart is heavy handedness of the immigration officials see you on the side and the chain rule of the business has been shot down in protest against what they set with discrimination from the uk border agency since this is genuine
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frustration anger and the little note to self funder. the level of a discontent you like. it was effective. in the number of people who sought to exclude to close the distance to support the arab section this means that as of now with the uk border agency to discuss the way. in what is the race was canceled but what david cameron. this means losing streaks and monterrey in informatics played such great links between the uk and china many of them with the strain is lacking in he saw some restaurants many of them of what to think every sentence grayson down in london's chinatown. making them feel very welcome. it was like an obscene lund said. one cents to embrace economic recovery is one of the reasons behind britain's ten and eastwood's but for a long while that
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means europe. i've been busy eating that way. having successfully completes the masses contract and amazes me as it announced an aid to write down of what it is to peel them explain to my colleague robin so sure what that means the i can think of men and two jackets one and the courts act eighteen u s thomas to help the people that way the struggling with high now costs of leaving someone to commit to a second that this money is to make coffee bean at multi tap a thousand of the hoff and tax exemptions is can i help hundred thousand people with papa doesn't sound right till the time she in fact all of the population of likes and doesn't have a saying that since two thousand and eight iceland has actually come around for a long way. it has some free not simply be blind to cloak it was pretty much it is often the fast tillman a thorn in the whole financial crash and we had intense note that seeks to mind. haydn country's gdp which is pretty sound sank as stock market plunged ninety
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percent effaced and says any team at the family has unemployment act nineteen ninety five of us just to keep pete and i did what happens to the company sets up and set in sicily did say they decided to go against what the rest of europe was dating sinead paid off. can c win and sensible than suppressing they decide to stay in a few days. will the as well today may help some people constructing a bunch on holidays instead of using taxpayers' money came the compensation of about twenty years the media decided the ants into c and me enough that at some of the bank is in prison the one they noticed he didn't see it fascinating. i can say no say one to remind you that they've paid out by now stands back and ate a cake. instead into a recession as a long way to guide if we consider the situation they were a teensy thousand and eight sq like to come by. recently news making headlines around the wild. consumerism is going to have retained the christian town of montana from government forces according to state media
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twelve now has taken comfort in my own troops have reportedly been this endearing sixty tonnes and the mosque is this a sign on the fast tracking this and tell the city killing at least four people since the scene began to see randall than one hundred and twenty five thousand people have died according to the uk based series entry for two nights. thailand's capital allowed hundreds of protests to santa the grounds of government house. he really had a really cool to finance that has gripped by cold for several days. demonstrations have been trying to break into the area says cents is a precious pieces have not displayed on the force the prime minister to step down. he softly said trying to ease tensions before the king who is revealed in time to embrace his last day on cents. how strongly denied accusations that its casting on which date to post on this form of blackmail. the album
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president says america is trying to force him to sign a security deal which would lead the u s troops to after twenty fourteen season as the company explains how one ecan was so reluctant. you wore getting alex is often harder than going in and nowhere does not hold more true than in afghanistan president obama promised to withdraw combat forces by the end of twenty fourteen if you live full responsibility for their security. in this war. come to a responsible end. but the two countries have been at odds over a deal that would keep some us troops pass that deadline washington wants the pact signed before the end of the year compared with the bilateral security treaty as soon as possible. but afghan president amin karzai says not until the us cleans up its routes usual
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the sovereignty and institutions and. continued presence of international forces and afghan villages on the very conduct all the war its own the simmering tensions erupted into a war of words on sunday karzai accused the us deliberately withholding fuel supplies to pressure him into signing the deal. the nato led force in afghanistan says that's simply not true. it's not the only stat. a us drone strike last week killed the toddler and enter to win in the top us commander for only apologize. but karzai once and different apology one from president obama himself for harm done to afghan civilians during the war the us response don't hold your breath there's not a need for the united states to apologize to afghanistan quite the contrary that we have sacrificed in and supported them in their democratic progress in tackling the insurgency mlk day. but the insurgency isn't
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over. in parts of afghanistan residents are caught between hatred of international forces and fear the taliban this man says he lost two sons in an errant nato attack i like to make children feel fear when they see a helicopter and ran away to the rooms up there is a lot of fear but once the sun goes down another threat emergence it up on it anyone can tell about around the area the district government has just been me. there is no real security. and afghan forces are still heavily dependent on the waxed. the u s troops stop helping us there are lot of threats against us in the region will be facing deep problems although afghan tribal leaders endorse the past karzai says he has signed until after the spring elections. and that's only if washington meets his demands among them ending us troop raids on afghan homes and agreeing to peace talks with
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the talabani. if the deal is torpedoed that could mean no more us soldiers. they could also jeopardize billions of dollars in aid. leading some to accuse karzai putting the country security at risk in order to score political points at home. this the captain of rt moscow coming up with and the lines of minutes she finally is the last ten points. my name is william beatty. and then our streets. the kids from here on. i've been thinking more than ten years. i'm asking you to see the team onto the shore. my guides. i
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couldn't imagine be done. i can't keep secrets. all this time pt ppa music. give me some julie thank you for real education something that is of the two pink. and then finish. i don't know then i can use the area. i just get out of my system. i forced written on them and singing and entertainment. two on and on. and yes he may as well here are the navigation or teaching. sen constable park was being honored language you know he's east northeast of their own beat. notice in this country to the state and the cars to market. that he had bit like is the right field to hold a variety of costumes. oh and can then goes to women who would be today. well some of them has the torch and some of them had the opportunity to pursue the dream. well some of them
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now. four dishes and i can use it. my goal. her bow to the young shaman are the senior and he said. it just to continue the hard work and be brave and i made this face right before graham said. it just to show up on the war. the our father who is to have it. the deep other food authority behind him said. shea. you new wing will
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do little little little little headline news on and on australian authorities arrested two men in dc are linked to islamist extremist groups. when evan and is suspected of leading a city worker degree to which sends people to fight in the syrian civil war and the other was taken into custody on suspicion of being a recruit the thirty nine year old suspected ringleader and twenty three year old suspected recruits are to be charged into the following encouraging ten recruiting the act outlaws australian residents or citizens traveling overseas to fight to recruiting he


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